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WICHITA'S LITTLEST HEROES: Trunk or Treat and Bravery Ball

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NEW GIFS: Featuring Pediatric Patient Vinny

After Vinny's diagnosis, donations helped purchase a special vest that vibrates at a high frequency to help break up the mucus, from his cystic fibrosis, in his chest.

MARCH 2020

WICHITA'S LITTLEST HEROES: Trunk or Treat and Bravery Ball
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“Until Vincent was diagnosed, sick is all we knew.”

We all have dreams for our future, the future of our children… All those thoughts and dreams you have built up can all change with one sentence. Everything you had planned all takes the backseat while your family comes together and battles the newfound challenges head-on...


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2019 Wichita Littlest Heroes Bravery Ball Saturday

The 2nd Annual Bravery Ball is this Saturday at the Kansas Aviation Museum. The Bravery Ball is an annual fundraiser for the non-profit organization Wichita’s Littlest Heroes.  The organization provides support for families and their children who are dealing with life-threatening medical conditions.