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Tristan and Eagan, our two very first Heroes, years later they are still hanging out!


Wichita's Littlest Heroes was founded in March 2014 a few months after Brianna Coffey-Baskervilles's son, Tristan, had been diagnosed with a very rare and life threatening auto immune disease. Tristan was a typical kid until he stopped walking and eating at age 4, and since his diagnosis they were spending 3 days a week getting treatments at the hospital. Because it was so rare, there was no one to turn to or relate to, and Bri began searching for anything in the area where her family could find some support. There are a lot of great organizations in the Wichita community, but she found none geared strictly towards sick children with a life threatening diagnosis.


During one particular treatment they could hear a cry coming from the other end of the hall. Tristan quickly colored a picture and took it down to cheer up the unhappy boy. The connection between Tristan and Eagan was immediate, and the same for the moms. Before long Tristan and Eagan were inseparable at the hospital and more often than not you would find them together playing video games in a hospital bed. One night after a particularly hard treatment Brianna said "God spoke to me and gave me the vision for Wichita's Littlest Heroes."  Over time she began to find other families in similar situations. They all quickly became friends, and the kids loved having someone else to relate to, even if the children's diagnoses were different.  No matter what the diagnosis, fighting a life threatening medical battle is hard.  Parents and kids are forming relationships and bonds and are able to meet/relate with one another. 

Image by TK Hammonds
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Wichita's Littlest Heroes provides regular, free events and parties where the Heroes and their families can celebrate and have fun with others who can relate to their struggles.  We provide support for our Hero kids and their parents/caregivers through monthly free family events, financial assistance, education classes, 7 local memberships to local attractions, free Hero capes, online support, resources, medical supply closet, t-shirts and so much more! 


Currently, Wichita's Littlest Heroes helps and encourages over 800 Kansas families that all have one or more children through help hope and happiness! These children range in age from 0 to 18 years old, and have an array of different life threatening medical diagnoses.  Every child's journey is as a unique as they are themselves. 


Often you will find them hanging out together at the hospital getting similar treatments. Because of this, they are building lifelong friendships, and are able to relate to each other on a level that most of their "normal" friends may never be able to comprehend. The kids like to compare scars and "battle wounds", but will cheer each other on when one is having a rough day. These Heroes will melt your heart.  Parents are able to empathize, "veteran parents" give advice to newer parents, encourage, support, and celebrate each other's successes and struggles.


We also strive to build relationships with other other non-profits, organizations, resources, volunteers, sponsors and partners to continue to build better support for kids with life threatening diagnoses.  There is a NEED for this group for so many reasons, but most of all for the Little Heroes who fight bravely day in and day out, because having friends just makes it easier.  


Thank you for stopping by and checking out Wichita's Littlest Heroes' website!!! Please pray for our Heroes and their families!

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