Hero Cape Program

Our Hero Cape program began in the infancy of our non-profit. It was always a dream to provide personalized capes for each child. But, how to to pull off such a project for so many children? 

Through the help of many local loving and talented quilters our dream began to come true and heroes all over the greater Wichita area began receiving their capes. We are forever grateful for our "Cape Fairy's" that provide bravery for our kids during their scariest moments in the hospital or traveling for appointments. 

Our heroes endure so many trials during their journeys and having a tangible piece of personalized bravery helps. Our kids can battle anything!

Our Heroes Receive:

  • A hero t-shirt

  • A car decal 

  • Invitation to all Meet & Greets

  • Online Support through our FB group

  • A Birthday Card on their birthday

  • Resources for parents

  • Emotional Support

  • Lots of friends

  • Free admission to Botanica, Tanganyika, Exploration Place & the Sedgwick County Zoo

  • And much much more!

Beads of Courage

Upon enrollment each child is given the Beads of Courage bead color guide with a detachable membership card. Their Beads of Courage journey begins when each child is first given a length of string and beads that spell out their first name. Then, colorful beads, each representing a different treatment milestone are given to the child by their professional health care provider to add to their Beads of Courage collection throughout their treatment as determined by the Beads of Courage Bead Guide (available from Beads of Courage, Inc.)

Botanica Partnership

The Wichita Botanica Gardens have given our families a beautiful gift of a yearly family membership to EACH of our Hero families. Botanica has stepped up to provide a healing environment for our families to heal, bond, and recharge among their beautiful gardens. We are grateful for the great partnership with Botanica that we hope to see for years to come!

Wheelchair Ramps & Residential Construction

Wichitas Littlest Heroes has created partnerships and resources for residential modifications and wheel chair ramps! We have several volunteers who are qualified and passionate about helping our families lives a little easier at home. We are so grateful for our partners and sponsors who make these projects possible!

Mom & Dad's Day Out

We all know as parents that we put ourselves last and we have learned that families seem to function better if parents have had a break and feel supported. Wichitas Littlest Heroes hosts Moms Day Out and Dad's Day Out where our parents can come together and share their journey's in a fun environment! What a difference a fun day out with friends can make!

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