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The existence of non-profit organizations is made possible by donations. If it weren't for the people who donate their time, their talents, their products, money, etc. we would not be able to accomplish what we have accomplished thus far.  We have a modest goal of raising $10k in the next 12 months. We are applying for various grants but grant funding takes time. In the mean time we rely on our supporters to meet the ongoing financial needs. We are continuing to provide the support and services to our HERO's and their families. 

With our donation database you have the option of setting up a One time donation or reoccurring donations that don't have to be managed each month. 

Thank you so much for your interest and your financial support.

As always if you have any questions please contact us.

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Wichita's Littlest Heroes
3033 W. 2nd St. N., Wichita, KS  67203